WeekFeeD 001

Its been a while; time full of confusion on why our country has a shit load of problems. Problems my mind feels the dire need to kill by focusing on my own life’s experiences, my WeekFeed…hehee, my deductions!

‘The game’ favours the tall. Recently, I was at Baraka children’s home in Kayole and the kids were playing the three jump game and a colleague mentioned how people with long legs are advantaged in the society. Think about it, the requirement of being tall is essential in the modelling society, athletics and most importantly, dancing. Coz I love to watch dancers…watch…Check out Les Twins, the Parisian dancers, for example, these guys are goooooood! I’m not saying all tall people can dance but their physique just makes it something you want to look at.

There’s definitely something soo interesting about twins. ‘It’s always a yin and yang in the part of the twins’…Imagine this, if one of the twins is technical i.e Larry, the other probably is dynamic i.e Laurent. I had not realized this but each of them can’t get both traits. It’s too interesting. I even want to have twins because of this. So what happens to triplets, quadruplets, or the ones who come out when they are like eight. Do I like get a tinge of my traits? God forbid one dies and alas! the trait is gone!

Why do Nairobi goats feed on posters stuck on bollards? I mean, there’s literally A LOT of grass by the side of the road but you’ll find these little ninjas tearing apart the face of Sonko. And some people say witchcraft ain’t real.

Another random topic is on mirrors and vulnerability. First of all, mirrors are too interesting, almost artistic.And I ain’t talking about the ones used for selfies. I hate those ones. Kwanza the ones in the bathroom. Are we so bored that the tile pattern on your wall would kill it? I am talking about the ones used to showcase a right-handed woman smoking coz it adding to the fact that she’s left-handed makes it hotter. I am talking about the scene in John Wick Chapter 2 where Keanu Reeves seems to be fighting with someone in a room full of mirrors in a complicated angled pattern. Just imagine fighting with someone you don’t like and looking for them in such a room when they find you first. By the time you see them, they are in replicated versions. Fighting one person is enough. Fighting one person with five other versions will make you wonder if you can make amends with the third one just to reduce the number of reflections you see. The movie was not that awesome though. Unless you like too much action and less talk.


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