Kawira is a middle-aged lady in love with a guy living in Mombasa. She resides in Nairobi. By now, your brain should be screaming long-distance dating. How do they manage? Maybe coz Kawira looks for the Magician to create that piece to represent their relationship. Of course, that is not the reason but let’s meet the Magician.

I met Magician as George back in First Year, a passionate guy about art, actually, a lot of things. Everything queer seems to excite this guy. He once said he tends to attract the same group of queer people. So if you happen to like him, you must be odd too. Anyway, back in the First year, we had another strange lecturer who was attracted by his piece of work, (maybe he was right after all) and he called him the Magician. He hated the name at first going to the extent of threatening another queer girl( hehe…am loving this queer word) to stop calling him that. Well, she did not stop. I mean what could he have done? Beat her up just because of that. You can imagine his mum bailing him out ati coz he beat up some chic who called him a magician.  So the magician actually lived up to his name. This guy started a small company he calls “YOUnique creations”. You should check him out on Instagram. His work is amazing. If you feel like you need a birthday present for a friend, your mum or dad, if you feel like you are in the doghouse; actually, one knows when they are in the doghouse so if you know you are in the doghouse or you feel like its coming soon maybe you should hit this guy up and hope he will work some magic out.

This piece is titled “Bullet for my Valentine”…It was a gift from Juliet to lover Romeo; at least now people will stop complaining that only the Romeos do stuff for love. In this case, Romeo loves his gun, like he shoots and all, so Juliet decided to gift him something that he appreciates. By the way, this Romeo is Sammy.

Am pretty sure some of you want to know why he started this YOUnique company. So it’s about a girl; it’s always about a girl..hehe…                         a moment of silence for the Tarrus Riley fans. The “don’t come back” song has hit home for a lot of people who can relate. This guy is pissed to the extent he <em>mschews</em> towards the end of the song. If you haven’t heard Tarrus Riley <em>mschewing</em>, listen to that song AGAIN. So, YOUnique owes its birth to a certain girl who felt the need to break the magician’s heart. I think magicians should have the power to perform some magic that prevents that from happening. I take that back because it would not be fair for some of us who are allergic to magic.Anyway, he broke up with the chic after he had come up with a beautiful art piece for her. I don’t really know why they broke up but he got the feeling that she did not appreciate it. He felt like he had given so much of his heart in that relationship and it failed. He then channelled all his anger in creating art pieces that led to the creation of YOUnique.After all, every cloud has a silver lining.He wanted to create something better every time to quell his anger.

For more of his work, follow him up on Instagram as YOUnique creations. And hire him.

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