A couple of weeks ago, on a hot unpredictable day, a few Rotarians and I drove down to Senior Gichohi Primary School in Murang’a County with the main purpose of taking measurements of their classrooms for renovation purposes. Since kids are pretty predictable (you kind of know what they like), we carried snacks full of saccharine and for the sake of seeming professional, exercise books. In the process of gifting them one by one, one could not help but notice how giggly they suddenly became. Hehee…and not because of the exercise books. The mood of the place even changed. They were all quiet at first because of how ‘watu kutoka Nairobi’ appear to be foreign but now you could hear some murmuring, and stuff like “huyu amepata kubwa kuniliko” and I could not help but notice how enviable their innocence is. Just imagine what worries you is how bigger someone else’s sweet is by an inch when compared to yours, and not how you have like a hundred shillings between you and poverty.

Maybe God knows why He creates us that way. Imagine if such a small head had to take shit like medical bills, school fees ati rent among other stupid traps you get into when you grow up, they may not be able to handle it.You should try watching kids while in church,some with pinchable cheeks and bright eyes that stare at everything, or some who sprint from one end to another like they learnt how to use their legs for their first time and realised how ‘awesome’ running feels, or one who behaves like a stoned person pulling his mum to one direction, reaches a point only to dash into oblivion, or another Tyga looking young boy who felt the need of competing with older girls than him. Haha..he seemed to like older girls. Kumbe these cougar manenos start early. And then there was one plump loner kid, the lonely she-wolf.

It’s amazing how the lonely wolf always seems mysterious, interesting in a way.This kid is a member of the lonely club. She even seemed like she had a lonely name like Eleanor and would probably love The Beatles song about Eleanor Rigby. She was sitting alone on the side walls of the entrance porch of the St. Paul’s church while enjoying a packet of peanuts and surveying how other kids seemed to be different. Her dressing echoed her distinct personality, or maybe her parents seemed to think there is a problem with her skin being exposed. Anyway, kids would pass by her and they would exchange glances with each other but none of them dared to approach her and ask for some peanuts, except for this one boy( hehe just had to be a boy). He murmured a couple of words in a tone that certainly impressed this girl and she could not help but offer him just one nut. They both seemed to be enjoying this and she kept on adding a nut each time the boy put the former in his mouth.

This game kept going on for a while until the bag of peanuts was no more and the girl decided to invent a ‘follow me’ game. After toddling for a couple of steps with the perception that her new friend was right behind her, she took a swing turn and found him to be no more. I guess that was her first lesson of this cruel life. Most people are friendly only when they need something from you and right after they get what they want, they vanish into thin air and you hear no more from them until they need the next thing. She is still too young though, she does not realise and until she does, that lesson will repeat itself for the gazillion time till she gets it.

Not before long, she was back at her original sitting position. This time with no one to talk to but a water bottle.


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  1. Cynthia

    I like how you studied kids.
    The lesson is also true about the young girl who had peanuts hehe..
    Awesome read.

    1. admin (Post author)

      Thanks Mong’ina..

  2. Kim

    Your stories are inspiring. keep it up

  3. resper

    nice one

  4. bunnymr

    So come fare …

  5. Clifton Vanry

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